The TVBA was formed in February 2010. When Jonathan Williams, a ten year Navy veteran, began the process of starting his own business, he decided to reach out to fellow veteran business owners to gain insight and input on operating a successful company.

Jonathan quickly realized there is no local association of veteran business owners and this demographic is not captured or reported on any list or local database of business owners.

Through exhaustive research of federal databases, he was able to identify hundreds of veteran owned business’s in the East Tennessee area and he quickly decided to bring them together as one unified voice. Thus the Tennessee Veterans Business Association was created.

Our first meeting was held on February 21st 2010 and since that time we’ve grown to an active Association that is very involved in the local community and beyond.

Check out the media page and Blog for a more detailed history of the start-up of our Association.

Please find us on Facebook at “Tennessee Veterans Business Association”

Who can be a member of the TVBA?

A Voting Member is any business or organization that has a percentage of veteran ownership.

An Affiliate Member is any business or organization that is not veteran owned. Affiliate Members are encouraged to join and have all member benefits, but cannot vote in Association matters or have a seat on the Board.

Individuals are also invited to join. Veterans or active duty personnel are Voting Members, non-veterans are Affiliate Members.

The business owner does not have to attend the meetings or functions, any representative of the business can attend. However, the veteran owner is the only person that can vote in Association matters.

What are the Champion Partners?Diamond – Veteran Business Owners Only.

Please contact us for more information on Champion Partner member benefits and annual dues.

Non Champion partners are considered Regular Members. Regular membership cost is $100 a year.

Will my Military Service be Verified?Yes. Since this an Association of Veteran owned business’s, we will be verifying military service. Honorable Discharge status will be verified with the DD-214, or other means of military service verification. If you are registering as an SDVOB, we will need to verify your disability rating through your VA letter or VA ID Card.

Please do not mail, fax, or e-mail your verification. Documentation can be provided at the next meeting you attend. Please see Jonathan Williams or Joe Zimmerman.

What are the benefits of membership?We offer a wide array of member benefits. Please see our member benefits page for a full list.

How much does an annual membership cost?Please contact us for Champion Partner annual dues and member benefits.

Regular Member annual dues are currently $100 for an organization or business and $50 for an individual.

If you are one year removed from Active Duty or are currently in the Reserves, your first year of membership is free. We ask that you fill out an application, but no dues are required.

How do I get started applying for membership?Just visit our application’s page and fill out the on-line application. You will need to mail the payment to our P.O. Box address. Once your application is submitted, it will have to be approved by the membership committee. Once approved your information will be included in the on-line member directory. This process will only take a few days.

If you would rather print and mail in the application and payment you can do so. See our Mail-in Application page. You can print a copy of the application and mail the payment and application to the address provided on the form.

How can I find out what’s going on with the TVBA?You can check out the calendar on the events page. That has all the latest happenings of the TVBA!

Where are monthly meetings held?All monthly meetings will be announced on the event calendar, please check there for details.

Are Guest’s and other Non-Veteran business owners allowed at the meeting’s?Absolutely. You have to be a veteran owned business to join, but any business owner is more than welcome to come and network.

How do I request a copy of my Veteran’s Military Records electronically:A veteran, next of kin, or surviving spouse may request a copy of the military records, commonly referred to as DD form 214, by completing the online application and faxing (preferred) or mailing a signed request to the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis Missouri. The online-to-fax method usually takes two to three weeks to receive your copy. The traditional mailing method takes several months to a year.